Industry-leading Surge Protection
Industry leading protection

As part of our commitment to innovation, we designed a new line of surge protection products, that provide your electronic equipment with maximum protection against power disturbances.


Five-Stage X3 MOV
Patented Technology
Real-Time Load
Easy Diagnostic
Full Network
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Empowering Trust Through:
  • Improved reliability and increased equipment operating life
  • Reducing returns and ‘no problem found’ service calls
  • Enhancing operations and reducing business downtime.

Quality-Driven Protection for Key Equipment:
  • Office automation machines
  • IT components
  • Medical and testing devices
  • ATMs and networked equipment

Easy Diagnostic Indicators
  • Indicates over/under voltage, over current, ground and Line/Neutral issues
  • Simplifies power problem-solving

Indicates if the protection is in effect
Indicates if the protection is in effect
Indicates if the outlet is properly wired and grounded
Indicates if the outlet is properly wired and grounded
Indicates if the input voltage is outside the safe limits
Indicates if the input voltage is outside the safe limits
Indicates if an over-current event occured
Indicates if an over-current event occured
Real-Time Load Display
  • Provides overload warning to prevent power interruptions
  • Indicates the combined current consumption of all connected equipment

Symmetrical High-Performance EMI Filtering
  • Suppresses noise to improve operating performance

Network and Tel/Fax Protection
  • Protects against surges
  • Ensures maximum signal consistency and reliable connections
  • Protects from electromagnetic and radio-frequency interferences

Innovative Design
  • Multiple Outlet orientation for ease of use
  • 6-ft power cord, 60° flexible articulation

X3 MOV Patented Technology

5 MOVs

  • Protect against extreme surges and spikes
  • Unique square shaped X3 MOV provides 27% more capacity than regular MOV
  • Parallel X3 MOV enhances the lifespan of the MOVs and equipment

Ceramic Casing

  • Prevents fire and electrical hazards
  • Provides higher temperature resistance and faster heat dissipation than regular MOV

Dual Thermal Fuse Protection

  • Provides extra security and protection

Smart Controller
  • Measures in real time the current and voltage
  • Provides load and short-circuit protection
  • Provides over and under-voltage protection
  • Protects from in-rush current
  • Extends the lifespan of MOVs
  • Protects against ground interrupt

Technical Specifications

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  • Limited lifetime device warranty
  • Connected equipment protection limited lifetime warranty up to $25,000 USD.

Technical report on static and dynamic performance. Testing completed by Cedric Somers, Reza
Dehbozorgi and Kamal Al-Haddad – École de technologie supérieur in Montreal – September 2012.

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