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MX Memory Experts International

MX Memory Experts International has become the partner of choice for the office equipment industry, by delivering value-added solutions that meet our clients specialized needs.

Our reputation has been forged on our outstanding ability to deliver superior-performance, quality-driven, internationally competitive products. As a result MX Memory Experts International is a Trusted partner of major OEMs and has become the dominant and global provider of electronics solutions.


Industry-wide clients know they can count on our products when it comes to reliability.
Top-Notch Quality Assurance
One thing I can tell you is that I’m 100% confident with regards to Memory Experts International is that I can rest assured that their quality assurance is top-notch. I feel comfortable that when I’m putting their product in our devices, that there won’t be any errors or problems or failures.

-  Dino Pagliarello, Konica Minolta
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