Founded by four members of the Reusing Family, Memory Experts makes an immediate impact with its unique custom-designed memory expansion modules and storage systems manufactured for Office Equipment OEMs and Distributors.
Opens offices in EMEA and USA to signal global intentions.
Begins developing key strategic global OEM partnerships focused within the office equipment space.
First factory begins operation in California.
Interconnect Solutions is founded as a division of Memory Experts International, focused on manufacturing custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses for OEMs. The factory is expanded to support the new contract cable manufacturing business in Irvine, CA.
The company moves to its new headquarters in Montreal.
A new state-of-the-art production facility in California is built from the ground up to optimize the company’s contract manufacturing capabilities as well as support production of all business units.
A new office is opened in Hong Kong.
The company acquires targeted certifications enabling it to sell to specific government entities in many countries.
Launch MXPower Surge Protector Product Line
The company unveils new corporate branding to reinforce it's position as a global provider of custom solutions for the Office Equipment industry.
The company unveils new corporate branding to position itself as a global provider of custom solutions for the electronic industry, and launches its acquisition strategy to grow the electronic manufacturing services business in California.
A new division is established, MX Electronics Manufacturing. This change follows the acquisitions of Inter Electronics Inc. and Electronic Manufacturing Technology Inc. These new acquisitions are now integrated with ISI Interconnect Solutions Inc., into MX Electronics Manufacturing Inc. (MX-EMI).

MX-EMI goes to market with an exceptional mix of PCBA, Custom Cable & Wire Harness Assembly, Custom Transformer and System Integration services, from Prototype to NPI to full production.
Following the acquisition of Inter Electronics, MX Electronics establishes a new business division MXLightForce, for Lighting Transformers and Drivers in order to continue to build on its business growth in the Lighting industry.

MXLightForce launched New Lighting Transformers and LED Voltage Drivers.

New 15,000 sq ft Facility in Tecate, Mexico, with more staff and equipment.