‘It Always Works’

The reason I chose to go with Memory Experts is because I know that no matter how unique our solution is or whatever we need - whether it’s a clip or a bracket or something else, they’ll be able to do it exactly to our specifications and it always works.

- Ije Rodgers, Senior Product Manager, Ricoh
'Just in Time Every Time’

When we use their product and we fit it in our machine, we forget it’s there. For us it’s the same as our product. It just works. Every time that OKI is ready with new products Memory Experts is always just in time every time.

- Gino Verardi, MA & OEM Sales Manager, OKI
‘Top-Notch Quality Assurance’

One thing I can tell you that I’m 100% confident with regards to Memory Experts is that I can rest assured that their quality assurance is top-notch. I feel comfortable that when I’m putting their product in our device, there won’t be any errors or problems or failures.

- Dino Pagliarello, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Konica Minolta.
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Did you know?

Every single Memory Experts customer interviewed shares the same opinion on our service: They rely on us to make their lives easier, trusting us to do the right thing.